3D Fablab Logo

At the 4th fablab meeting the logo to the right was presented as the front runner for international use. Someone in the audience asked if it's possible to make a 3D version. Here's my attempt.



The logo consists of a cube contained in a cylindrical capsule. From the outside it looks simply like a wooden cylinder. You can see a jagged breakline in the center of the cylinder though. Upon opening the cylinder the logo is revealed. The cube in the center is loose and can be taken out of the capsule.

The idea behind the design is that the 3D logo should look exactly like the 2D version from one viewpoint. If you look at the 3D logo from the top, you see the familiar view.


The design was done in Blender. Under construction [Awaiting content since 7 Jan 2008.]


See the Machining Blender models using Modela Player 4 tutorial.


logo3d.blend        Blender model
logo3d.part1.stl    STL export of the cylinder
logo3d.part2.stl    STL export of the cube