GIK Electronics


Version 0.1: A simple LED + resistor circuit Component pieces The copper cutout
Version 0.2: The serial port test circuit cube (equivalent PCB circuit also shown) The LEDs show red or green depending on whether a line is up or down. The 18 component pieces for the circuit


20 Apr 2006
Version 0.1 (LED circuit) was the first physical test of the
design. The 1.2 inch square blocks were cut from 0.15 inch plywood.

Version 0.2 (Serial port LED circuit) increased the port depth and
decreased the port width for a tighter fit and more structural
stability. This version also shows off 3D circuit building.

Design notes:
 * The pieces serve as physical structure and electronic circuitry
 * All component pieces are the same size (for now). This allows the
   construction of 3D circuits/structures while needing only 5
   different types of connector pieces -- 4-way, 3-way, 2-way
   (straight and corner) and 0-way.
 * Larger blocks will be created later to allow more ports, e.g. a 3x1
   8-port block for an AVR microcontroller. The larger blocks will be
   created such that they still fit into any 3D structure created with
   the 1x1 blocks.
 * There are normal forces only on connecting (touching) copper
   surfaces. This mean that two copper surfaces never rub against each
   other and there is no copper wear.

 * make component assembly instructions
    - for 4-connector piece
    - for soldering LED component
 * draw diagram showing script parameters


The script and output files for cutting on 0.15 inch plywood. These
were used to make version 0.2 shown above.